Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today we created a site, I got really mad at the computer because I hate the title of my site and now it is stuck being that way, but oh well I will live with it.
I hope I will one day use a web page, because I think it is is a good way to get information across and a very good way to show students and parents what is going on in the class room and in the school.

I also learned that all the work I did on my Jeopardy board is gone...

really this in not my week... please say it is all over soon :(
Glad tomorrow is a new month...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Embedded presentation

Power Point

Today we talked about powerpoints
Here is a link to view the powerpoint I foulnd dealing with the branches of government, I plan to use this or one like it when I do my SS unit.

Here is the power point presentation

Here is the PDF version (doesn't work right)

Here is a link to the power point.

I tookl this off of a website, it is not my powerpoint, but I do plan to make one similar to it to use as an actvity in my Unit on the Branches of government

here is a link to my actual presentation

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


today we did evaluations for midterms. this is the easiest midterm I am going to have this semester, wish the rest of my teachers would forgo their tests and just let us evaluate ourselves. I am sure I wouldn't do too well in a few of the classes, but I would like to just do that insead of studying for tests.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pod Cast

Podcast- Today I learned how to create my very own pod cast and I ahve to say it was a pretty neat thing to do, and hopefully I can use it in my classroom some day. For my lesson I decided to do the three branches of government, because that is what I am doing for my Social Studies class. For my lesson I read a little bit about each of the branches of the government, their role in government and the people that make up each branch. (My pod cast won't connect at the current moment, hopefully can fix that in class tomorrow.) Here is the script to my podcast thought. Here is a link to my podcast finally.

We were to create a lesson plan that we can use in the classroom for demonstrating a podcast. My lesson deals with the three branches of government. Students are exposed to being able to know what a podcast is and for them to be able to use it in a way that helps them learn content. The students will each be assigned a branch of the government to research and have to talk about the people in each branch and the responsibilites of each branch. This is a great way to expose students to technology and give them the opportunity to share what they know/have learned about the government with the rest of thier peers. Follow this link to the lesson plan and rubric: