Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lesson Plan... FInally

Here is my Lesson Plan
It integrates Technology into Science.
I have geared this lesson to a lower grade, and they are learning about the life cycle/ stages in the life of a butterfly.

Hope it works.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pictures and LP's

Tiday we learned how to up load photos to google and use the web version of Photo Shop. Here is a link to some of my
Bango's Thoughts

We also talked about lessons plan, and how what we have to do is not what everyone feels is the thing to do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Crappy Graphic

Here is a link to my Ven Diagram as to how my borther and I are and aren't related.
We have the same mom... but there is a lot that is different.

Here is a graph showing the comeparis...

Here is a graph showing the comeparison of the students in West Virginia on IEP's compared to the next 3 poorest states.

West Virginia seems to have fewer students than the other states, but that is becuase WV has very people in the state to draw in information from. I think that if we did that based on percentages then we would see something different than we do here.

Here is a link to this document, so that you can see the chart better.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here is the West Virginia Averages fo...

Here is the West Virginia Averages for 4th grade math students from the year 2000 till the year 2007, compared the national average of 4th grade math students.

This graph proves the West Virginia is not doing too bad in the long run. We can see that WV is almost on task with the rest of the nation.

You can also see this at:

My Resume as of 2/12

Mackenzie Bango

12 Greenview Drive

Parkersburg, WV 26104


Parkersburg Catholic High School - Class of 2005

Wheeling Jesuit University- (‘05-‘06)

Fairmont State University- (’06-current)

Honors and Awards

Presidents List (Spring 2008)

Deans List (fall 2007)

Honor Role (Junior and senior years)

Commendations list (freshman and sophomore years)


Extra Curricular Activities (in high school)

JV/Varsity Softball (3 years)

JV/Varsity Volleyball (3 years)

Junior High Volleyball (3 years)

Junior High Basketball (2 years)

JV cheerleading (1 year)

Prom Committee (junior)

Interact/Rotary (4 years)

Year Book (junior/senior years)

Journalism (senior year)

A.C.S. Teen Board (2 years)

Work History

Secretary at Bango Appraisal Service

Server at Rita’s Water Ice (March ‘05-Oct ‘07)

Councilor at YWCA summer camp (‘06)

Great Steak Grille (‘07-‘09)

Camp Councilor YMCA, Afterschool staff and no school days (May ‘07-current)

Volunteer History

Camp Vaudeville (4 years)

Safety Town (2 years)

Vacation Bible School (4 years)

Nursery Aid (6 years)

A.C.S. Teen Board (2 years)

Working in a little boy with Down syndrome at church (school year ‘08-‘09)

Safety Skills

First Aid and CPR certified

Food Handlers

Water Safety

Computer Skills

Windows XP

Microsoft office

Internet Explorer and firefox

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here is my favorite breed of dog, can you tell me what kind of dig it is?

My neighbor use to have a dog like this named Happy, he was the best dig. Minus the fact that he like to steal my shoes.

I miss my puppy.

I hate comuputers

I want to know what the world did before the rampid availability of computers. My computer has crashed way too many tims recently for me to count, and now my printer isn't working, and the only reason it doesn't work is because my black ink is out, and it refuses to print using ALL the color ink which is still full.
I know that word documents on the computer make peoples writing look more uniform and legible, but I think we should be allowed to do things hand written instead of only on the computer.
I just had to vent a little. Thanks for litening!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Visual imagry Questions

Today we didn't have class due to weather, but we were told to read the following link:

We were told to also read Multimodal Learning Through Media Link and answer the following questions (in a blog post):

Describe what Dale's Cone of Experience is?
A "visual metaphor" depicting types of learning, from the concrete to the abstract. It shows that the more we can do with the information the better we will remember it.

Is Dale's Cone of Experience logical? Factual?
The data shows that we remember more in learning when we see pictures/movies and interect with the data/information than when we just read about it. The data can't be found, but Dale's "bogus data" is more a representative of a "rounded-off generalization based on Phillip's experience and probably some test data, at the Ordinance School.

How does Dales' Cone of Experience comport with current research on teaching and learning in the assigned reading.
After the reading, comment on your opinion of the validity of Dale's Cone of Experience.
Visual Symbols are part of Dale's original cone. They are a small part, but they are still there. The difference with today's research is that it is based on better technology that is retilly available. I do agree with Dale's Cone because I think that Direct Purposeful Experiences will always be important in learning.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photo story

I am hoping it works when I upload it here, because it doesn't like YouTube

Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally have a comp

I finally got my computer back. The IT people at school at WACK... They told me I was screwed adn that I needed a new comp because my hard drive was fried and everything was gone... Guess what I am working on that very computer that "doesn't work" I am so excited to have it back, and all of my documents with it.
Well it is like 12:30 AM, I should go to bed... I might write another blog tomorrow